Happy Monday

Okay, so Monday is almost over. Better late than never, right?  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I kicked off my Saturday morning with a 5k–the Sasquatch Preservation Trail Run.  I finished in 27:15, 79 out of 269 runners.  Felt great.  I think I’m really starting to like trail running.  The start of this trail was serious work but it leveled out midway and I was able to make up for lost time. My sister and her hubby drove up Saturday afternoon and we spent the evening at America’s oldest fair–the York County Fair.  Unfortunately we arrived a little too late to catch all of the horticulture exhibits (What?  I like to know who makes the best jelly and grows the biggest squash.), but there was plenty of time to consume tasty fair foods.  Downing all that goodness reminds me of Templeton in Charlotte’s Web. Sunday took us to Adamstown to enjoy antiques, salvage and Stoudt’s brews.  Not too bad.  I have another busy week ahead…am I starting to sound like a broken record? Despite my hectic schedule, my thoughts are on friends and family this week.


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