Extreme bathroom makeover

Yesterday I mentioned my mom house-sitted while hubby and I were away on vacation.  My mom has visited a number of times since hubby and I moved into our little house in the country and has been the most vocal complainer about our upstairs guest bath.

You can’t argue with her though—it’s pretty hideous.  Our house was built in the 1970’s when, apparently, cast iron blue tubs were all the rage.  Yes, you read that right. CAST IRON BLUE TUB!  It must also have been a time when humans were shorter because the tub seems unusually small (and this coming from someone who doesn’t stand much over 5 feet).

I’m getting off track… Naturally no 1970’s bathroom would be complete without matching tile floor, which as you might have guessed, is also blue (okay, blue and light blue checkered).  The blue and light blue tile was actually an improvement to the bathroom.

When we first moved in, the previous owners had  the ugliest vinyl sheet flooring over top of the blue and white tile.  It wasn’t really even secured to the floor—just kinda resting on top.  I was pretty excited to roll it up and discover that at least a some point in time, a previous owner cared enough to coordinate the bathroom floor and tub.

Still, none of this explains the sh!#-stain vanity and the pink-orange vomit paint.  I can’t begin to know or understand what the previous owners were thinking.

It was in fact, the vomit-paint that mom found most offensive.  It is the guest bathroom, after all, so it’s pretty easy for hubby and I to just shut the door and worry about it another day.  But my mom just couldn’t take it anymore.  So during her recent stay, she decided to surprise us with her version of extreme bathroom makeover. Perhaps it wasn’t so extreme—a little new paint, some new accessories, but certainly a dramatic change.

She went with a simple black and white color scheme.  She had asked me before what I thought I might do in the bathroom and I had talked to her about a black and white theme.  It really started with the tub.  The tub is cast iron so it will last forever. Plus, it must weigh a 1,000 lbs.  I’d have to tear my house apart to get it out, I’m sure.  One of hubby’s friends mentioned you can get cast iron refinished.  White just seems like the easiest choice.  The more I thought about it though, the more appealing the idea of a black and white theme seemed.  It’s a classic color combination, easy to update and refresh, appropriate for kids or guests.

While the bathroom will certainly see more renovation in its future, mom’s extreme bathroom makeover certainly gave us something more pleasant in the meantime.  Goodbye vomit-paint, hello crisp white walls and sharp, black trim.  Sh!#-stain vanity has been subdued with attractive, new accessories.  I especially like the mirror which got a coat of black paint and looks better than ever.

After I took it all in, I had to laugh at the little note mom left about the bathroom remarking on the three different kinds of trim in the small space as well as the door knob hardware which is brass on one side of the door and nickel on the other.  Welcome to my world.  Hubby and I have discovered these sorts of unique details all over the house which at times might more appropriately be described as rigged than anything else.  Still, you work with whatcha got, right?

Hubby and I were both super excited to see the surprise makeover. What a wonderful way to be welcomed home.  Thanks again, mom.  It looks great. Love you!


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