A nice hobby

Blogging is a cold weather hobby for me.  When I get a string of gorgeous spring days, I’m too busy running to blog. 


When my back-ordered Saucony shoe order was canceled, I went back to old reliable--Brooks. This is my third pair of Brooks running shoes. I never thought a pair of shoes would or could make a difference in my running until I tried Brooks. They tend to run a little small so I always order a full size bigger. LOVE THEM!


3/11, 3.44 mi., 31:01

3/12, 2.25 mi., 19:44

3/17, 3.88 mi., 34:40

3/19, 1.8 mi., 14:53


3/20, 3.29 mi., 30:34

3/22, 2.72 mi., 25:13

3/27, 4.67 mi., 41:58

3/28, 2.67 mi., 27:37

4/2, 3.43 mi., 31:43

4/5, 3.8 mi., 58:23 (forgot to stop my Garmin while I caught up with a friend. Still, this was a trail run. They usually take me longer anyhow.)

Even though I have to start building my mileage from scratch every spring, I still love it.  I’m running 2-3 miles pretty consistently at least 2 times a week.  I’m looking forward to extending my daily mileage as the weather grows warmer and  the days grow longer.




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