Memorial Day

Taking time to give thanks on Memorial Day.  Been a long, lazy weekend, but much needed.

Saturday, hubby and I were up early scouring yard sales.  I’m on the hunt for patio furniture.  Then in the afternoon, we made a quick trip to Reading, PA, to pick up a special delivery for our house.  More on that in a later.

Sunday we were up early again doing yard work before the heat rolled in.  I’m on a mission to tear out most of the existing flower beds.  I like a few plants and shrubs here and there, but allowed to grow unattended for two years, landscaping can quickly grow out of control.  I’m tearing most of the existing flower beds out and replacing them with rock beds and planters–much easier to maintain.  The hot afternoon gave me a chance to come inside and watch tv.  I ended up spending like two hours watching “The War,” a film by Ken Burns on PBS.  Amazing!  It tells the story of WWII through personal accounts. So touching.

Unfortunately hubby had to work today.  No vacations days in healthcare.  Boo!  So, I’ll probably spend my Memorial Day running and cleaning.  My half marathon is next Saturday and I’m super excited. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.  I realize some folks use fancy training plans and follow strict preparation schedules, but I really don’t.  I just run because I enjoy it. Tried a new running route on the 24th that followed along the Susquehanna River and loved it, despite having to run most of the way home uphill.  Seriously, I ran uphill for roughly two miles before getting a break.  I felt pretty awesome though nearing the end of the uphill.  Ran the whole things! My rear-end can thank me for it later.  Here’s the latest from my recent runs.

5/24, 6.56 mi., 1:05

5/22, 5.79 mi., 59:43

5/20, 2.35 mi., 22:29


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