Christmas in July

There’s nothing quick about home renovation. Or, at least there’s nothing quick about my home renovation.  Weeks–no months–ago, hubby and I ordered a few items for our home including a light to hang above our kitchen table and a new dining room table.  We ordered them so long ago, we practically forgot about them!  Finally, things are arriving and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here.

First the kitchen light…

The “Raven” 3-light chandelier from Barn Light Electric in rosewood.


Previously, a ceiling fan hung here. But when we renovated, we couldn’t find an attractive fan to fit the small scale of the eat-in kitchen dining area.


Since the kitchen stays fairly cool year round, we opted instead for a great hanging light sans ceiling fan.


The chandelier is hanging from a extended chain so we can center the light over the table once hubby finishes the built-in seating.


Now for the dining room table.  Almost as soon as we started working on our living/dining room, I was ready to get a table.  When we moved from North Carolina nearly three years ago, we sold our dining table.  I loved it, but it just wasn’t worth moving into our downsized apartment in Central PA.  So, we haven’t had a dining room table in nearly three years.  Maybe it’s just a table to you, but to me, it’s family holidays, new memories, and time well spent with loved ones.

The “Tuscany” trestle table in cherry from Zimmerman Chair Company. We purchased ours from Sensenig’s Furniture in New Holland, Pa.

We also ordered the extension wings for family gatherings. Eventually, I’d like to purchase a few more chairs as well. The side chairs are “Chalet” and the arm chairs are “Manor House.” Again, both by Zimmerman Chair Company.

Lastly, while on vacation in the Outer Banks, we purchased a Curved Arm Canvas Double Swing from Nags Head Hammocks for our sun room.   Okay, we really didn’t have to wait long for this one.  It was delivered the day we arrived home from vacation.  It’s like we brought a little piece of the beach home with us.  This swing is seriously comfortable.  I know there will be many a long, summer afternoon naps on it in my future.

July…when did it get to be July?  The summer is going by way to fast.  Lots more renovation and country living updates to come.


3 Comments on “Christmas in July”

  1. Jenny SCHADE says:

    Tori I love your trestle table and chairs! We are thinking of getting the same ones! Do you mind sharing the finish you chose? Did you get a Heritage or Antiquity stain? Is it at all “distressed” I love the way yours looks!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks! I’d be happy to tell you more. Our table and chairs were made by Zimmerman Chair. They’re Amish so you won’t find them online, though occasionally a retailer will have their catalogs as a pdf. Our table is the 72″ Tuscany Trestle table in solid cherry. We also have two 20″ extension leaves for it. The chairs are Chalet in cherry. Zimmerman offers a wide variety of options and finishes. Though “distressed” was a option for the finish, I’m a little more traditional so we chose the more formal “vintage” option. Zimmerman offers options in wood, finish, leg and arm styles. We purchased our table and chairs from Sensenig’s Furniture in New Holland, PA. Sensenig’s is family owned. They don’t advertise and don’t have a website, but they’re worth a visit if you’re ever in Central Pennsylvania.

  2. Jenny SCHADE says:

    Thanks, Amanda! I really enjoy your blog!

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