Woo hoo!

woman-running221Got the okay from my doc yesterday to start exercising again. Moderately, of course.  After all, it’s only been about three weeks since I welcomed my little one into the world.

While carrying my amazing daughter was the joy of my life, I definitely sacrificed a few things during my pregnancy including one of my other loves–running.  When I was about three months pregnant, I ran a half-marathon in Annapolis.  It was a bittersweet race.  I felt great, but I knew it was likely my one-and-only race of the year, and it was.

As my pregnancy progressed, I gained weight and experienced some serious swelling. I was too uncomfortable to run.   At one point I couldn’t even fit my feet into my running shoes!  I felt a little pang of sadness in my heart on beautiful fall days–the kind that are perfect for long, slow runs.   I would scour Pintrest for running and fitness to stay motivated during the down months.

Now that I got the okay to exercise again I’d love to pick up running where I left off, but that’s not realistic for me.  I usually take a break from running during the winter months anyhow (I’m a cold weather wimp). Every spring, I start over–from scratch.  That means walking, warm-ups and cool downs, and forgiving myself when a mile seems like too much.  I’ve been running for years, but it’s the same every spring.  Over the years though I’ve learned a lot about my body and how quickly it adapts.  It doesn’t take long to get my mileage back up and I find myself day dreaming about  marathons and triathlons (Hey–I said I was day dreaming…).

So if moderate is what the doc recommends, that’s where I’ll start.  I already managed to get some squats and lunges in this morning rocking my little one back to sleep.



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