baby feetMy beautiful baby girl turned six weeks old this past weekend.  In honor of the milestone, here are six reasons she’s the most amazing daughter ever. Let the shameless bragging commence!

1. She’s slept through the night–twice!  That means in a 48 hour period, I got at least 12 hours of sleep.  Alleluia!

2. And speaking of sleep…My baby is so happy she occasionally laughs while she’s sleeping.  It’s super adorable.

3. She’s started to coo, but it’s not just a cute “ooo” or “ahh” here and there.  This girl is practically stringing together sentences. Clearly my child is advanced.

4. She’s a tummy-time superstar. My abs might be in poor shape, but there’s nothing wrong with hers. It’s completely amazing to see her little body growing stronger.

5. She was born to run (or at least that’s my hope).  During diaper changes, her little legs are moving so fast that I’m certain she’s breaking some sort of land speed record.

6. lastly, she’s got at least 50% of hubs in her.  And 50% of hubs is more than 100% of most. How did I get so lucky?


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