Yes, I did have to look up how to spell SAYONARA. This is a very exciting post for me.  Hubs and I have been renovating our little house in the country, well, since we moved in over two years ago.  We had to take a little break from our progress while I was pregnant. But now that our little bundle of joy is here, we’re refocusing on our home.  First up…hardwood flooring for upstairs!  I’m so excited!

Our bedrooms, several closets and two bathrooms are located on our upper level.  With the exception of our bathrooms and master bedroom, the upstairs has been without flooring essentially since we moved in.  The smaller bedrooms had carpet that reeked of dog urine.  No amount of cleaning was going to get the smell out.  So we ripped it out leaving the sub-floor exposed.  We also tore up some seriously dated vinyl tile flooring on the landing at the top of the stairs.  This is the way it’s been since we moved in.

We knew we wanted hardwood flooring. It’s beautiful and lasting.  Some prefer carpet in bedrooms, but with our dog, I’ve found hard surface flooring much easy to keep clean.  Carpet just collects too much hair.  Plus, it’s easy to find rugs for those spots that need to be a little softer under foot.

The hardwood flooring arrived and spent a few weeks acclimatizing to our house. Hubs wants to start laying the new flooring from the back of the house, so that meant it was finally time to remove the laminate flooring from our master bedroom.  Before we could start removing the floor, we had to remove furniture and items from the floor. And so it begins…

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  1. […] started by tearing up the existing laminate. You can read more about that here. Before we started laying the new floor, we took time to freshen the ceiling paint, and select new […]

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