Slow going

With my first 10K of the season coming in May, I’m feeling pressure to get my running mileage up.  But, it’s slow going.  Things (and by “things,” I mean my body) are still not  back to the way they were before baby.  I ran regularly until the second trimester of my pregnancy, then off and on as it was comfortable for the next three months.  I didn’t run at all the last trimester, but the weather was turning cold and I typically slow done then anyway.  Now that spring has finally decided to show itself I’m back at it, but my body feels different.  Five more weeks to find my new normal.  I’m slow, my breathing labored, my legs like cinder blocks, but I LOVE every minute of it.

Recent runs:

April 6, 2.23 mi., 22:03

April 9, 2.25 mi., 23:01

April 11, 1.77 mi., 24:13 (my first stroller run!)

April 13, 3.71 mi., 38:30


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