Bedroom Lovin

Hubs and I have been showing our master bedroom some lovin.  We have a terrific master bedroom. It’s spacious and gets tons of morning light.

Earlier this month, we started laying hardwood floor upstairs.  New flooring is a project we’ve been wanting to do since we moved in to our little house in the country.  But when your house needs updating/renovating from top to bottom, you have to prioritize.  It’s finally time for us to show our upstairs some lovin and I’m so excited we started in the master bedroom.

We started by tearing up the existing laminate. You can read more about that here. Before we started laying the new floor, we took time to freshen the ceiling paint, and select new a paint color for the walls.  We chose Behr Soft Taupe–a warm brown/gray color. We only painted the top portion of the walls because we’ve decided to do wainscoting on the bottom half.  Those of you who follow my blog know that plaster walls in our house have a textured skim coat.  The skim coat is damaged in several places in the master bedroom so rather than hire a professional to fix the patches, we’re going to cover it up.

We also decided to make a few changes to our bed.  To lay the new flooring, we had to take our bed apart and move it out of the way. Our bed was designed to sit higher than the average.  I even had little stairs to climb up in to it.  When we put it back together, we decided not to use the box spring.  Instead hubs screwed a platform to the bed slats for the mattress to sit on.  It’s looks totally great.  Our headboard is beautiful and you can see so much more of it now that the mattress doesn’t sit so high.

We’re still a long way from done in our master bedroom, but it’s wonderful to see we’re making progress.  In addition to the wainscoting, we’ll be adding moldings and trim, new closet doors, and drapery.  At some point, a few new pieces of furniture will complete the room.  Until then…

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