So this is funny

I’ve told this story to a few friends already, but it’s still funny. A few months back I picked up a jog stroller for $40 bucks on Craigslist.   I love running with my little one and now, thanks to my jog stroller, I have some serious appreciation for all the mama’s out there hauling these things along.  They do glide nicely along, but that doesn’t mean the extra pounds from baby and stroller aren’t noticeable.  I’ve even gotten a few compliments on my new, more shapely biceps.

I noticed, especially on longer runs, the stroller gets harder to push. I just figured I was feeling the burn.  After all, I’m running. Between the baby and stroller I’m pushing at least 20 lbs.  I’m just getting tired, burning calories, nearly reaching my runners high.  Except that, I wasn’t.

Hubs and I took a walk a few evenings ago.  He was pushing our little one along in the jog stroller when he says to me, “Your break drags.”  And I’m all like, “What to you mean?” And he’s like, “The break on your jog stroller drags after a while.  Can’t you hear that noise?”  Turns out that pushing my jog stroller felt harder because it actually was harder.  I never noticed the dragging.  Once the clicking was pointed out to me, sure I could hear it.  I typically run with ear buds so I never noticed it before. Hilarious, right?  Just another day.

A few of my recent runs…

Saturday, 9/28, neighborhood stroller walk/run, 2.25 miles, 24:02

Monday, 9/30, neighborhood stroller walk, 1.79 miles, 26:16

Tuesday, 10/1, neighborhood run, 4.10 miles, 38:43

Thursday, 10/3, neighborhood run, 4.27, 39:21

Typically I wouldn’t call out whether it was a stroller run or not, but I’m a little concerned that my stroller pace is nearly the same as my non-stroller pace.  This reinforces my theory that I only have one pace–slow–and I’m not sure how I feel about that.



One Comment on “So this is funny”

  1. From a fellow slow runner — a mile is a mile! And with a stroller, I swear 1 mile actually = 2!

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