Slow burn

Enjoyed a trail run yesterday for the first time in a long time.  I love running trails, but since the jog stroller obviously isn’t compatible, I hardly get out to enjoy them anymore.  I’m tempted to call yesterday’s run a quick run.  After all, I covered less than 2.5 miles.  But trail runs are deceiving. They can be incredibly challenging regardless of distance.  Even short distances require concentration and frequent changes in speed. Yesterday’s run reminded me of that slow burn I love to feel when I’m really pushing myself. Got to try to get more trail runs in before the winter snow makes them impassible until the spring.

Recent runs…

10/8, 5.25 mile neighborhood run, 49:23

10/12, 5.71 mile neighborhood run, 55:43

10/14, 2.51 mile neighborhood walk/run, 35:14

10/15, 2.47 mile neighborhood walk/run, 34:07

10/16, 2.47 trail run, 25:43


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