IMG_7898Hubs does most of the cooking around our household. Thank GOD! If it were left up to me, our diet would be a heavy rotation of pb&j and tuna fish. Yeah, I might throw in a grilled cheese or blt on a special occasion, but well, it would have to be a really special occasion. That being said, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. Specialties really. One of them is risotto. Risotto is comfort food to me. I’ve learned that the key to good risotto is constant stirring. The stirring is essential to develop just the right amount of creaminess because after all, if it ain’t creamy, it’s just rice. But beyond the stirring, risotto is a forgiving dish. You can put anything in there and it will come out delicious. I love an asparagus and mushroom risotto. I saute the asparagus and mushrooms separately with a little bit of bacon finely chopped. The rice is cooked with a little white wine and stock. Once the rice is sufficiently creamy, I add the vegetables and seasonings, and finish it off with a little grated parmesan (the real stuff, not the powder in a plastic container…yes, it makes a difference). So good.


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