She had more

brocI steamed broccoli for dinner the other night.  Since my little one has been conducting a full-on vegetable revolt for the last few months, I placed a single floret on her high chair tray assuming I’d be tossing it into the compost bucket when all was said and done. But wait, no, what’s this? My baby ate broccoli…willingly and all on her own.  She even signaled for more and ate it. MORE, PEOPLE! She had more. I’m so proud of her. She never ceases to amaze me.



I’ve come to a crossroads.  It’s taken me four years, but I’ve finally run out of space to upload photos to my blog.  To upgrade or not to upgrade? That is the question.

My blog has never really been photo heavy and, in recent months, it hasn’t been very copy heavy either.  So, do I pay for more space? Of course, free sounds better. Then again, I’ve been at this little blog for four years so seems like I’m pretty committed.  Really though, I only consider myself an occasional blogger. Can I even get my money’s worth?  If I’m paying for the space, will I post more photos? Or maybe I’ll post so many more photos, I’ll have to pay for more space?  Food for thought here.

Our April showers are setting us up for some serious May flowers.  Still, I can’t complain.  With the weather finally starting to warm, I’ve been able to get out an run.  Loving it.  

April 5, 2.23 mi., 19:23

April 2, 2.28 mi., 20:31

April 1, 3.32 mi., 34:56

Likely some new running shoes in my future.  I’m still building my mileages, but already I can feel it in my feet–a sure sign it’s time to get new shoes. 

Nobody told me

How did I not know this?  I totally completely missed National Cheese Lover’s Day on January 20. How could I overlook such an important holiday? Honestly, I don’t know why we don’t celebrate this holiday everyday.  Cheese is a necessary staple in my diet. It’s right up there with beef jerky and fancy imported meets from Italy. (Yes, my diet really does contain large quantities of these items.)

So,  I hear spring is around the corner. Honestly though, I’ll believe it when I see it. We’ve had a heck of a winter here in Central PA.  I’m a cold weather running wimp. Every fall I say I’m going to suck it up and be hardcore this winter.  But every spring I find myself starting over.  Such is life. I accept this about myself.  Fortunately, I’ve learned a thing or two in the 10+ years I’ve been running, including how quickly I can build up my mileage. So, I’m starting easy.

March 11: 4.06 miles, 37:05

March 12: 1.76 miles, 27:18

March 15: 2.44 miles, 21:20

I’ve also incorporated some light strength training two days a week. I find even light strength training helps me go the distance.  Also registered for my first race this year–the Capitol Hill Classic 10k–in May.

Taking time to remember

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That’s right. I went running in 11 degree weather.  Two degrees warmer than yesterday.  Who’s a bada$$ now?

Today’s run: 2.26 mi., 19:55

So, how did I do it?  A very wise animated character once said, “Ogres have layers.” Plus I downloaded a few new songs to my playlist. Oh Pharrell. Get me out the door 3-4 days a week and you can blur my lines any day. 

Besides I needed the run.  Saturday’s high is predicted at 50 degrees.  Whew!  Time to shave my legs and break out my bikini! And after a year of breastfeeding, I could probably actually take that run in my bikini. So, so sad.

Things are as busy as ever at our little house in the country.  Looking forward to visiting the PA Farm Show this weekend.  Will be exciting to take a little one this time around.  There’s nothing like a butter sculpture that says quality family time.  Also looking forward to stocking up on PA made maple syrup.  Mmm…that made my mouth water.  Maybe french toast for dinner, err… Yeah, I’m rambling now. 

Have a good one, y’all.

You’re in the vortex, baby

You're in the vortex, baby

Time to pull out my super sexy long undies.

At last

At last

At last, we meet again, my love.