I’ve got gas

It’s propane gas, and it’s hooked up to the stove top in my kitchen.  Finally!  Months ago when we started our kitchen renovation, we looked in to having a gas line run to the house.  The gas company was more than happy to run a line–for $20-30 a foot.  But with nearly 2,000 feet between us and the nearest hook up, we decided a propane tank was a much more reasonable and affordable approach.  So, after rescheduling our appointment twice, we finally managed to get the gas company out to the house.  Of course I took pictures.

It's hard to see, but there are flames under those pots.

Right now the tank is sitting on our front stoop. For some reason I was envisioning this massive tank, but it's actually pretty small and sits below window level so you can't even see it out the window.

The gas line has a flexible, yellow material covering a copper core.


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