Bedroom Lovin

Hubs and I have been showing our master bedroom some lovin.  We have a terrific master bedroom. It’s spacious and gets tons of morning light.

Earlier this month, we started laying hardwood floor upstairs.  New flooring is a project we’ve been wanting to do since we moved in to our little house in the country.  But when your house needs updating/renovating from top to bottom, you have to prioritize.  It’s finally time for us to show our upstairs some lovin and I’m so excited we started in the master bedroom.

We started by tearing up the existing laminate. You can read more about that here. Before we started laying the new floor, we took time to freshen the ceiling paint, and select new a paint color for the walls.  We chose Behr Soft Taupe–a warm brown/gray color. We only painted the top portion of the walls because we’ve decided to do wainscoting on the bottom half.  Those of you who follow my blog know that plaster walls in our house have a textured skim coat.  The skim coat is damaged in several places in the master bedroom so rather than hire a professional to fix the patches, we’re going to cover it up.

We also decided to make a few changes to our bed.  To lay the new flooring, we had to take our bed apart and move it out of the way. Our bed was designed to sit higher than the average.  I even had little stairs to climb up in to it.  When we put it back together, we decided not to use the box spring.  Instead hubs screwed a platform to the bed slats for the mattress to sit on.  It’s looks totally great.  Our headboard is beautiful and you can see so much more of it now that the mattress doesn’t sit so high.

We’re still a long way from done in our master bedroom, but it’s wonderful to see we’re making progress.  In addition to the wainscoting, we’ll be adding moldings and trim, new closet doors, and drapery.  At some point, a few new pieces of furniture will complete the room.  Until then…

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Yes, I did have to look up how to spell SAYONARA. This is a very exciting post for me.  Hubs and I have been renovating our little house in the country, well, since we moved in over two years ago.  We had to take a little break from our progress while I was pregnant. But now that our little bundle of joy is here, we’re refocusing on our home.  First up…hardwood flooring for upstairs!  I’m so excited!

Our bedrooms, several closets and two bathrooms are located on our upper level.  With the exception of our bathrooms and master bedroom, the upstairs has been without flooring essentially since we moved in.  The smaller bedrooms had carpet that reeked of dog urine.  No amount of cleaning was going to get the smell out.  So we ripped it out leaving the sub-floor exposed.  We also tore up some seriously dated vinyl tile flooring on the landing at the top of the stairs.  This is the way it’s been since we moved in.

We knew we wanted hardwood flooring. It’s beautiful and lasting.  Some prefer carpet in bedrooms, but with our dog, I’ve found hard surface flooring much easy to keep clean.  Carpet just collects too much hair.  Plus, it’s easy to find rugs for those spots that need to be a little softer under foot.

The hardwood flooring arrived and spent a few weeks acclimatizing to our house. Hubs wants to start laying the new flooring from the back of the house, so that meant it was finally time to remove the laminate flooring from our master bedroom.  Before we could start removing the floor, we had to remove furniture and items from the floor. And so it begins…

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Plus one

And, baby makes three! Most of our family and close friends already know…hubs and I are expecting our first little one before the end of the year.  Certainly a lot of change, not just in our lives, but our home as well.  Getting ready for baby has been both exciting and overwhelming.  Take a look at a few of the changes taking place.


And the living’s easy…  Nothing makes summertime easier than a swimming pool. What?  I never mentioned we had a swimming pool? Oh well, that’s because until recently, there’s no way anyone would have mistaken the black swamp just out our back door as a swimming pool.

When hubby and I moved into our little-house-in-the-country two summers ago, we uncovered the pool.  Then, we quickly decided to cover it back up and wait until next year. This summer though, I was determined to open the pool at all cost–no matter what might be dead (or alive?) under the black, murky water.

I looked and looked for a “before” picture of the pool, but couldn’t find one. Believe me folks, I’m doing you a favor. This is a glance of the water after our first pool consultation which turned out to be a bit of a game to see who could find the right combination of pool chemicals to clear the murk from the water to see the bottom of the pool. Turns out it’s difficult to evaluate the condition of a 20+ year old concrete pool when you can’t see below the surface. I prayed there wasn’t a dead ground hog, opossum, deer or other mammal buried in the murk at the bottom.

After that first consultation, hubby and I called in the big guns for some serious evaluation. Turns out the pool wasn’t really as bad as we thought it might be given its age and recent lack of maintenance.  The pool folks definitely recommended an overhaul, but two of the three thought we could probably make it a few seasons with some minor repairs and serious cleaning, as long as we weren’t too worried about aesthetics.  Hello solution!  That’s what I like to hear.  With all the confidence of two pool rookies, hubby and I (well, mostly hubby) set out to get this puppy open.

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Christmas in July

There’s nothing quick about home renovation. Or, at least there’s nothing quick about my home renovation.  Weeks–no months–ago, hubby and I ordered a few items for our home including a light to hang above our kitchen table and a new dining room table.  We ordered them so long ago, we practically forgot about them!  Finally, things are arriving and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here.

First the kitchen light…

The “Raven” 3-light chandelier from Barn Light Electric in rosewood.


Previously, a ceiling fan hung here. But when we renovated, we couldn’t find an attractive fan to fit the small scale of the eat-in kitchen dining area.


Since the kitchen stays fairly cool year round, we opted instead for a great hanging light sans ceiling fan.


The chandelier is hanging from a extended chain so we can center the light over the table once hubby finishes the built-in seating.


Now for the dining room table.  Almost as soon as we started working on our living/dining room, I was ready to get a table.  When we moved from North Carolina nearly three years ago, we sold our dining table.  I loved it, but it just wasn’t worth moving into our downsized apartment in Central PA.  So, we haven’t had a dining room table in nearly three years.  Maybe it’s just a table to you, but to me, it’s family holidays, new memories, and time well spent with loved ones.

The “Tuscany” trestle table in cherry from Zimmerman Chair Company. We purchased ours from Sensenig’s Furniture in New Holland, Pa.

We also ordered the extension wings for family gatherings. Eventually, I’d like to purchase a few more chairs as well. The side chairs are “Chalet” and the arm chairs are “Manor House.” Again, both by Zimmerman Chair Company.

Lastly, while on vacation in the Outer Banks, we purchased a Curved Arm Canvas Double Swing from Nags Head Hammocks for our sun room.   Okay, we really didn’t have to wait long for this one.  It was delivered the day we arrived home from vacation.  It’s like we brought a little piece of the beach home with us.  This swing is seriously comfortable.  I know there will be many a long, summer afternoon naps on it in my future.

July…when did it get to be July?  The summer is going by way to fast.  Lots more renovation and country living updates to come.

Wash, prime, paint

During the winter months, the exterior of our house is very much out of sight, out of mind. But with all this beautiful weather (current week excluded), hubby and I have been spending a lot more time outside.  The extra time is reminding us just how much we HATE the color of our house.

Our house has a great shape, structure, size and layout–really everything we were looking for in a house.  But the whole house, inside and out, needed love. The previous owners put minimal effort and maintenance into the house. Add on top of that the house had been vacant for nearly two years by the time we purchased it and you can imagine the work it needed.

Fortunately for us, the hideous aluminum siding is actually in pretty good shape even if the color doesn’t really fit us.  A good power wash, prime and paint will go a long way.

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Slowly, but surely…we’re making progress.  After spending so much time in the kitchen over the past year, it’s been fun to focus on other areas of the house including our living/dining room.  It’s been a while since I blogged about this room.  My mom helped us get a big jump start on the living/dining room over the summer by freshening up the wall and ceiling paint. Time and again, I’m  amazed what a difference paint makes.  If you missed that post, you can catch up on it here as well as get a glimpse of what the living/dining room looked like when we moved in.

After paint, floors were next on the list of items to update.  We have solid oak hardwood in the living/dining room, but the finish was in poor shape.  It was worn through to the wood in some areas especially around the sliding glass door.  We liked the hardwood so decided to refinish instead of replace.  Take a look…

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