Weekend in pics

Tried Ida's Cafe for Sunday morning breakfast. Was it good? What do you think?

Salmon Florentine. Smoked salmon, spinach, eggs on top of an English muffin with a buttery, creamy hollandaise sauce. A side of perfectly cooked home fries, thinly sliced with sharp, crisp edges.

Hubby ordered Melba filled French toast...Amazing. The raspberry Melba sauce was creamy and sweet without being overly so. Served with real whip cream and fresh berries on the side.

Breakfast was followed by a few hours at Long's Park Art & Craft Festival.

A few of my favorites…

Oil paintings by Zhou You.

Glass by Scott Amrhein.

Paintings by Ken Orton.


Sewing Lesson

What's going on here? Something isn't right.

Somewhere out there I know there’s a more experienced sewer reading my blog who can school me on what I’m doing wrong… I’m teaching myself to sew. It’s a slow process to say the least. One of my first projects was to hem a skirt.  Not that hard right?  Wrong!  I can’t even get the sewing machine to work right.  Because I’m new to sewing I often do a test run before jumping into anything.  So I grabbed my scrap fabric and started sewing but…something isn’t right.  The bottom of the stitch is loose and bunched.  I thought maybe I didn’t have the tension adjusted correctly but after fooling around with it I wasn’t able to avoid the thread bunching. What am I doing wrong? Help, please.

Surprise, surprise

To the ladies in my family,

A little surprise is coming your way.  I made each of you lavender drawer sachets with fabric from grandma W.  Readers may remember I recently became the proud owner of a very special sewing machine.  I don’t know much about sewing so I’m starting with the basics. My first project–lavender drawer sachets.  They only required sewing straight lines!

Getting started

7 oz. of lavender

Filling the sachets

Looking pretty!

Hope to see you all soon!

Granny square

Here’s what I’m working on now…. a granny square throw. Thanks to my inspiration at The Purl Bee.

Crochet Bath Loofah Update

My crochet bath loofah made it through the laundry with flying colors.  In fact, the cotton shrunk just so creating an even fuller loofah. I added a pretty ribbon for hanging and easy drying. What do you think?


My grandmother was the definition of class. She was a lady when appropriate, sophisticated, and beyond her time in more ways than one.

She passed last October after living for more than a decade with Alzheimer’s.

Sunday, I brought her sewing machine home with me. When I picked it up, it still had a wound bobbin in it. Pink thread. I touched it lightly and wondered what she had sewn with it.

I love having her sewing machine because it is a piece of her. Sewing was something she enjoyed immensely, something she looked forward to, something that was all her own. She sewed my mother’s wedding dress–the same dress I wore more than two decades later at my wedding (though, admittedly, a bit altered).

Last night I started to organize her sewing box and teared up a little touching all the different colored threads.  So many blues and greens.

To have my grandmother’s sewing machine is very special to me. I’ll be reminded of her every time I use it and a little piece of her will always be with me. I think that’s pretty special.

Crochet Bath Loofah

Over a year ago I decided I wanted to learn to crochet. I picked up a book from our local library full of “weekend projects for beginners.” Weekend projects my ass!  After spending three months trying to complete a throw blanket, I gave up and unraveled my project. (By the way, I wouldn’t recommend a throw blanket as a first project. Try a scarf.) Despite my disappointing start, I managed to stick with crochet. I found it incredibly relaxing even if I wasn’t very good. Since then I’ve managed to learn new stitches and try new patterns, and now I’ve got myself a nice little basket of crochet hooks and even some fancy yarn. This past Christmas, I crocheted my niece and nephew scarves and beanies. I recently found a super simple pattern on The Purl Bee for a linen grocery tote (which will also make a great beach bag come summer). And just the other day, I crocheted a bath sponge/loofah in under 3 hours!  Yeah, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.  The pattern for the bath loofah suggested using cotton yarn which surprised me. Granted, I’m still learning about different yarns but cotton seems like it won’t hold up in the shower.  Guess we’ll find out!  I’m going to pre-wash it in the laundry first.  I’ll let you know how it goes.